Indian Movies? Use MovieTubeBeta©.

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MovieTubeBeta© is a desktop application to help you find free Indian movies without searching on the web.

*Google chrome may notify that MovieTube is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous after you download. This happens as MovieTube is a new application and is NOT yet digitally signed. It will take some time before google put MovieTube in to safe list. Always use your antivirus to scan any application downloaded from internet.If you don't have an antivirus, you can get one free from AVG Antivirus. Also check out google Safe Browsing

MovieTube, a simpler way to find and get notified about Indian movies.

MovieTube is a simple desktop application that allows you to find new movies without going to all over internet. It is frquently updated with new publicly available movies and notifies you.


MovieTube is easy to use.

You will be a MovieTube master in less than few minutes of using it. You can search the database using any keywords, such as actor name

MovieTube is being used by movie fans all around the world

We are on the fast track to bring out new exciting features to the MovieTube. We will keep you updated with the developments. Please feel free to send your suggestions using the feedback option in MovieTube application.